This season features 20 contestants. However, the theme of this season is "applicants vs. recruits", with one tribe consisting of 10 characters who signed up via the normal application process (created by various SFC fans), and the other tribe consisting of 10 characters who were recruited (all 10 of them created by SWSU-Master himself).

However, there have been tribe swaps. The first tribe swap happened in episode 1, just as soon as the game began, and the next swap happened in episode 5.


Contestant Series Creator Original Tribe Switched Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Total Votes
Zachary Sonic X SWSU-Master Amatri 1st Voted Out

Day 3

Gretchen Total Drama Frank15 Carbo 2nd Voted Out

Day 5

Mercy Left 4 Dead SWSU-Master & SwirlyRockStar Amatri 3rd Voted Out

Day 8

Jewel The Hunger Games JDawg Carbo 4th Voted Out

Day 11

Adrian Mortal Engines LeMorningStar Carbo Carbo 5th Voted Out

Day 14

Ieaeka Chrono Trigger Eternal Cry Amatri Carbo 6th Voted Out

Day 16

Summer Rock Band SWSU-Master Carbo Amatri 7th Voted Out

Day 16

Aleksan Shaman King ErDjay Carbo Amatri 8th Voted Out

Day 19

Robert Enchanted Arms Ancara Carbo Amatri Leiomah 9th Voted Out

1st Jury Member

Day 22

Frank Sim City SWSU-Master Carbo Amatri 10th Voted Out

2nd Jury Member

Day 25

Starr Glee Stascorn Carbo Carbo 11th Voted Out

3rd Jury Member

Day 27

Donovan Second Life SWSU-Master Amatri Amatri Quit

4th Jury Member

Day 29

Madison Baywatch SWSU-Master Amatri Amatri 12th Voted Out

5th Jury Member

Day 30

Jocasta Dead Rising SWSU-Master Amatri Carbo 13th Voted Out

6th Jury Member

Day 33

Brenton Backyard Baseball SWSU-Master Amatri Amatri 14th Voted Out

7th Jury Member

Day 36

Sanza Teen Titans RySenkari Amatri Carbo 15th Voted Out

8th Jury Member

Day 37

Kathy Liar Game MystericWonder Amatri Carbo 16th Voted Out

9th Jury Member

Day 38

Prescilla Barbie SWSU-Master Carbo Carbo Second Runner-Up 1
Tofuchao Sonic The Hedgehog Phantom James Amatri Carbo First Runner-Up 5
Cherman Portal SWSU-Master Carbo Amatri Sole Survivor 11

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