Survivor Fan Characters 11 (Title Page)

This season features 18 contestants, nine of which were created by SWSU-Master, and the other nine created by SFC fans.

There are said to be nine idols hidden in the game, though not all of them are hidden at the tribe camps. These idols could change the game significantly if used.


Idol Of Power - Gives the team who uses it an advantage in challenges. Flaithri and Artemis found the Mariano Idol of Power in episode 1, and used it in the same episode. Bradlyn found the Hantz idol in Episode 2, and used it in Episode 4.

Hidden Immunity Idol - Protects a contestant from being voted off. Sexygirlxo found the Hantz Hidden Immunity Idol in episode 2, and used it in the same episode. Sunflower found the Mariano Hidden Immunity Idol, which she used on Eli in Episode 8.

Sitting People Out Idol - Sits two people out from each tribe in a challenge. Whitney found that idol in Episode 2, and used it in Episode 4.

Bring Rob & Russell Back Idol - When played, Boston Rob and Russell Hantz would return to their respective tribes and play the game until they were voted out. Crisco and Paine found that idol in Episode 4 and promptly burned it, making it so it could never be played.

Double Or Nothing Idol - When played, the tribe that loses the immunity challenge would have to vote out two people instead of one at Tribal Council. Flaithri found that idol at Tribal Council in Episode 3, and played it in Episode 8.

Raid The Other Team Idol - When played, one member from one tribe can invade another tribe and steal two items for their tribe. Crisco found that idol at the Reward Challenge in Episode 4 and used it in Episode 5.

Mutiny Idol - When played, a mutiny is opened up for both tribes, allowing anyone from either team to switch over to the opposite during a ten-second span. Angel found this idol at the Immunity Challenge in Episode 6 and used it in Episode 7.


Contestant Series Creator Original Tribe Mutinied Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Total Votes
Rosemary The Sims SWSU-Master Hantz 1st Voted Off Day 3 5
Moe'mi Lucky Star SWSU-Master Hantz 2nd Voted Off Day 6 4
Casey Recess Pgcool Mariano 3rd Voted Off Day 9 6
Bradlyn Final Destination SWSU-Master Hantz 4th Voted Off Day 12 7
Honey Power Stone MattyPLLLover7 Hantz 5th Voted Off Day 15 4
Sexygirlxo Tengaged SWSU-Master Hantz 6th Voted Off Day 18 4
Crisco Kirby Agreenparrot Hantz Hantz 7th Voted Off Day 21 8
Flaithri Mass Effect Tailsgod Mariano Hantz 8th Voted Off Day 24 2
Artemis Sonic The Hedgehog Chimcharlover13 Mariano Hantz 9th Voted Off Day 24 1st Jury Member 3
Dwayne Ratchet & Clank SWSU-Master Mariano Hantz Quinn 10th Voted Off Day 27 2nd Jury Member 5
Tialayla Second Life SWSU-Master Hantz Mariano 11th Voted Off Day 30 3rd Jury Member 10
Juiced Up Jersey Shore SWSU-Master Mariano Mariano 12th Voted Off Day 33 4th Jury Member 0
Whitney Harvest Moon KW-Moonlight Mariano Mariano 13th Voted Off Day 36 5th Jury Member 5
Claus Half-Life Trex Mariano Mariano 14th Voted Off Day 37 6th Jury Member 8
Paine Calvin & Hobbes ThreeZeus Hantz Hantz 15th Voted Off Day 38 7th Jury Member 6
Sunflower My Little Pony SWSU-Master Mariano Hantz 2nd Runner Up 4
Eli Survivor Fan Characters SWSU-Master Hantz Hantz 1st Runner Up 16
Angel NeoPets AuraMasterFox Mariano Mariano Sole Survivor 9

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