Riddle is a character who participated in Season 7 of Survivor Fan Characters. He was a member of the Ho'Aku Tribe.


Riddle is a fan character from the cult cartoon series, Invader Zim. Despite being an Irken, Riddle is very kind and easygoing, and doesn't seem to be interested in destroying planets. As indicated by his name, Riddle enjoys riddles. He often speaks in confusing patterns, that people have to solve in order to determine what he is saying.

Season 7Edit

In Flesh Wounds Heal Really Fast, Riddle picked the blue rock, which allowed him to choose all the members of Ho'Aku. He chose Bo, Krauss, Lauren, Mr. Stabby, Betty, Jasen, and Driz, while Skazzatrazz and Ker ended up on his tribe by default due to being the last contestants to not be picked. He was appointed leader of the tribe. He quickly formed a friendship and alliance with Lauren and Ker, commenting that he was impressed by their work ethic. On the other hand, he quickly grew to dislike the trio of Krauss, Mr. Stabby, and Skazzatrazz due to them taking apart the shelter. He was targetted by the group because Krauss wanted to be the leader, and Skazzatrazz wanted the tribe to fail and Riddle was a good leader. He was voted out 7-3.


  • Riddle was the first contestant voted out of Ho'Aku, as well as Season 7.
  • Riddle had 2 confessionals.
  • Riddle's riddles describing his tribemates:
    • Bo: "The girl who wears fur but is not an animal"
    • Krauss: "The man in a suit and green on his head"
    • Lauren: "One whose ancestors travelled in packs"
    • Mr. Stabby: "The one who covers his face"
    • Betty: "The female with the blonde hair"
    • Jasen: "The one that looks like it should sparkle"
    • Driz: "The woman who is not a human, but has gray hair"
    • Riddle never described Skazzatrazz or Ker with a riddle.

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