Lauren is a character who participated in Season 7 of Survivor Fan Characters. She was a member of the Ho'Aku Tribe


Lauren is a wolf-girl from the 80's cartoon The Raccoons. She has been shown to be a very strong and smart player, and tends to take charge with making decisions and moves. Combined with her friendly demeanor, this made her a big threat early in the game.

Season 7Edit

In Flesh Wounds Heal Really Fast, Lauren was selected by Riddle to join the Ho'Aku Tribe. Once there, she quickly struck a friendship with Ker and Riddle, and suggested that they become allies. Ker and Riddle quickly agreed. After losing immunity, she told her alliance to vote out Driz to keep the tribe strong, and they agreed. However, the rest of the tribe went against them and voted out Riddle instead.

In Their Failures Amuse Me, Lauren was in the minority due to Riddle's elimination, so she decided to talk with some others. She told Jasen and Driz to vote out Krauss, the leader of the opposing alliance. Jasen told this to Krauss, and he decided to target Lauren over his original target Ker because Lauren was a bigger threat. At Tribal Council, everyone except for Jasen stuck to the plan, and Lauren was voted out 6-2-1.


  • Lauren was the second contestant voted out of Season 7, as well as the second from Ho'Aku.
  • Lauren had 6 confessionals.
  • Although Jeff Probst said Lauren is a soccer player, Lauren's owner says (albeit not publicly) that she's really a basketball player.
  • DA user wifishark did a SFC7 redo chart where Lauren wins.

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