This is the first episode of Season 7.

In the debut episode of Season 7, all twenty contestants arrive on the islands that the season will be set on, the Gambier Islands in the Pacific Ocean. They are immediately sorted into tribes via schoolhouse pick - Ventious chooses the members for the first tribe, Corsona, while Riddle chooses the members for the other tribe, Ho'aku. The members of Corsona include Ryuia, Phil, Manya, Derek, Chrii, Wrecker, Dinah, Quadratic, and Chloe, while the members of Ho'aku include Bo, Lauren, Mr. Stabby, Betty, Jasen, Driz, Skazzatrazz, and Ker.

Both tribes work on their respective shelters; the majority of the Corsona tribe agrees that Ventious should be the Tribe Leader, although the ones who were picked last in the pick didn't seem to agree - Chloe in particular asks Ventious why she was picked last, and he tries telling her that he didn't see her. While she argues, she accidentally offends Manya, striking up a rivalry. The tribes starts to catch some fish, which Ryuia intends as a team-building exercise, but it all only ends up with Wrecker getting beaten up by one of the fish. However, Mayna earns her keep with the tribe by managing to create fire using Quadratic's belt buckle.

Meanwhile, on Ho'aku, Riddle has also become the tribe leader, and strikes up an alliance with Lauren and Ker. However, not everyone is happy with the developments in the tribe; Krauss in particular would rather be the leader himself, and starts making plans with Skazz and Mr. Stabby to overthrow him at the next tribal council. Meanwhile, Betty and Jasen strike up a friendship, which Jasen intends to use to his advantage since "Betty is a teenager, and teenagers are batshit insane for vampires". This is overshadowed by the revelation via confessional that Mr. Stabby is actually Russell Hantz, real-life Survivor contestant, who intends to win the season using all his old tricks. "Mr. Stabby", Skazz, and Krauss sabotage the tribe by trying to rebuild the shelter in a different place only to have it collapse, forcing the tribe to sleep out under the stars. However, during the night, Russell starts to get up to his old tricks, but he is quickly found out by Skazzatrazz, who begins to talk to him about what it would take to keep his identity a secret.

On Day 3 is the immunity challenge, where three members of each tribe must dig a torch out of the sand, hand it off to six more members who will row out and light the torch at sea, bring it back to the final member who will light a wooden statue of Jeff Probst on fire. The Corsona tribe take an early lead when Driz stumbles at the challenge, and ultimately it culminates in a landslide victory for the Corsona tribe, who win their first challenge.

Riddle, Ker and Lauren discuss voting out Driz for being the weakest at the challenge, while Krauss, Skazzatrazz and "Mr Stabby" spread word around camp that Riddle is going, blaming the fact that the tribe has no shelter, no fire, and lost the first challenge on him. Ultimately, Krauss's lobbying pays off, and Riddle is voted off first 7-3.

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