Drazen was one of the two tribes from Season 1. Their tribe color was green.


Tribe HistoryEdit

Tensions sprung up early in the tribe when Hugo accidentally led the tribe off-course when trying to find their camp, and when they did eventually arrive at camp, they suffered from a lack of food. Rather than trying to fish or collect food, the tribe started forming alliances quickly.

During the first Immunity Challenge, Drazen suffered a huge setback and lost to the rival Schlipa tribe. Despite the fact that Wendy stumbled throughout, Eugene was targeted for calling her "Cyclops", and although she was never offended, Eugene was voted out at the first Tribal Council.

At the first Reward challenge, Oran loses the challenge to Craig by getting every single question wrong, and everyone decides that he needs to go next. This is reinforced when Oran forfeits the next Immunity challenge, but unfortunately for the Drazen tribe he is kidnapped by Schlipa, and they are forced to vote out Suzanna, considered the weakest member besides Oran.

As Drazen enters a losing streak by losing their 4th consecutive challenge, Charlie confronts the tribe and tries to rally them to win the next challenge. This works, and Drazen wins their first immunity challenge and challenge overall. However, while they celebrate their victory at camp, their kidnapped Schlipa member tries to demoralize them by telling them he threw the challenge to get someone voted off Schlipa, although they think nothing of it, and manage to beat Schlipa at the next Reward Challenge as well. However, thanks to Oran doing nothing at the next Immunity challenge, Schlipa snags another victory, and Oran is finally voted off unanimously.

The tribe celebrates Oran leaving, and manage to win the next reward challenge as well. Charlie butts heads with her tribal rival Taylor, sparking a season-long rivalry. On their reward trip, the girls of Drazen overhear Hugo and Phil planning to vote out Charlie, unearthing their alliance to the rest of the tribe.

After losing the Day 17 combined challenge, Charlie and Phil are caught in a tiebreaker at Tribal Council, but Charlie manages to win and evict Phil. Finally, on Day 19 the tribes merge with Charlie, Hugo, Wendy and Pat joining the Schlipa tribe to create the Wichibu tribe.


  • Drazen was the first SFC tribe to go to Tribal Council.



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