Axel Steel originally came from Guitar Heroes.

No Frills, no fluff. Axel Steel is a shredder from the old school. He was put on this planet for two things, to drink beer and to play some Rock N' Roll. Looks like he's almost out of beer. - Guitar Hero in-game bio

We all know Axel Steel is an awsome guitar player, and that he's the common thread in the legendary bands SideWinder, HellDozer, and MegaThreat. But did you know he got his first guitar out of a pool hall trash bin? Or that his first big break came while hauling equipment for Dopple Ganger? Their guitarist passed out temporarily - and Axel stepped in - permanently. If he's not tearing into the guitar, Axel says he likes to draw motorcycles and skulls, just like he did in school. His friend and band mate, Skip Alldaway, says Axel plays guitar so fast, "there should be caution labels on his albums."- Guitar Hero manual bio

Famous for his driving riffs and up-front attitude, Axel Steel first picked up a guitar in an attempt to quell his boredom during suspension from elementary school. The rest is history. Metal history.- Guitar Hero II in-game bio

Just a city boy, born and raised in South Peoria, Axel Steel is a fan of arena rock and partyin' in the parking lot. King of the stadium show and master of the tailgate, Axel Steel is a hard-riffin' powerhouse. - Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s in-game bio

After attaining genuine superstar status, Axel retreated to hometown bonfire parties and barnyard jam sessions. Now he's back in the limelight and looking to destroy anyone and anything dull enough to stand in his path of headbanging destruction! - Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock in-game bio


Axel makes his cameo guest appearance on Survivor Fan Characters 2: Brains vs Brawn, visiting Ryan. He participated in the Reward Challenge, which he was the first person out. After the challenge, Ryan and Axel were sent to Exile Island, where Axel comments that Exile Island sucks, and is amazed that Ryan made Exile Island twice, even though there was no longer an idol hidden. On learning that this was the final visit to Exile Island, Axel managed to convince Ryan to burn down the island. His response? "Good thinking."

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